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How Do I Add a Quiz to My Table of Contents?
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For Courses Plans and above, in the Table of Contents feature, you will see the option to “Create Quiz”. Creating and viewing a Quiz as a Host is only available on web and mobile web however, once created, your members will be able to see and take the Quiz on web and mobile.


A Quiz will always have an introduction page that works like an Article, where you can add images and video to introduce the Quiz, along with any instructions.

This can also be shown in the Preview for the Table of Contents, if it’s turned on.

This is what your members will see:


From here, you’ll want to add questions!

When adding your questions, you can attach an image, native video, GIF, or emoji. We don’t support embedded videos at this time, which would be videos from Youtube, Vimeo etc…

The file size for uploaded videos is 2gb.

add image quiz.png

After you add any text, images, video, or GIFs to your question, you will then create your five responses with the one selected as the correct answer.

quiz responses.png

The” +” icon below the questions will allow you to quickly add questions above or below the ones created.


You can also select “Add a Question” in the upper right corner.

You can delete responses by selecting the “x” next to them and delete full questions by selecting the trash icon.


The three lines allow you to move the order in which the questions appear. There is a limit of 100 questions that you can ask in a Quiz.

Managing Your Quiz

Under “Manage Quiz Settings” you have a lot of the same visibility and completion settings as you do with the Table of Contents feature.

You can toggle on and off the visibility of the Quiz and can set Unlock Settings:

  • None, Sequential, Timed, Scheduled

You can also choose whether or not you would like to show the correct responses on the answer page. When members take the Quiz, they will be shown a page with their results.

  • Toggling this option on means that you will allow members to see the correct responses on the results page after they take the Quiz.

  • Toggling this off means we won't show them the correct responses on the results page. If you want to make sure that a member passes a Quiz before continuing on, then you will want to choose to toggle this option off. You don't want them to see the correct response before they take the Quiz again!


The new Completion options are:

  • None: Completion of this Quiz will not be tracked. Space Hosts and Space moderators will be able to see all Member responses. Members will be able to see their own responses.

  • Completed: Members must complete the Quiz to move on.

  • Completed and Pass: Members must complete and pass the Quiz to move on. They can set the Pass Score.


You can set the Pass Score to be a specific percentage correct:


You can also change the owner for the Quiz, who will need to also be a Space Host or Space moderator within the Space.

You can edit the Quiz at any time to correct typos, add or edit questions. If a Quiz is edited, it won’t affect a member’s score who has already answered it. The edits will only apply to new Quiz attempts moving forward.

The three dot menu on the Quiz will take you to the Quiz Settings, allowing you to change the visibility, download a CSV of the Quiz results, and delete the Quiz. ​


There isn’t yet a way to see Quiz results without a CSV download, and they won’t appear in Mighty Insights or other places where we show the member completion of a “Course”.

Stay tuned, as we’re planning to add this improved visibility in the future.

Some additional things to note:

  • There can only be 1 Instructor per Quiz at a time

  • Commenting is not supported

  • You can edit or add questions, even after someone has taken the quiz

  • When you edit a Quiz and a member is currently taking it, the member will have to retake the Quiz with the edited questions. We’ll also tell you how many members will be affected by the change.

  • Quizzes cannot yet be duplicated

  • If you duplicate a Space with a Quiz, the Quiz will not be duplicated, but this will be coming soon.

Member Experience

Members can take Quizzes on web or mobile. If you would like to see your finished Quiz on mobile, you will need to view it on mobile web or demote your Space role to Space member.

They will see at the bottom of the Quiz a “Ready to take the Quiz?” question, along with a “Start” button.


Members will next see the Quiz questions begin. When they click “Continue” they will go to the next question.

image quiz final.png

After they complete the Quiz, they will see their results. If you set up completion options, members will see them on this screen.

For example, in the screen below, the completion setting was “Completed and Pass” and the Set Pass Score was 80%.


Some things to note:

  • Members can leave a Quiz and come back, their responses will be automatically saved

  • Members can easily see how far along they are in the Quiz

  • Members can go back and change their answers up until the point of submitting

  • Members cannot skip questions and must take the Quiz in order

  • Members can retake the Quiz immediately or any time after their initial experience. There is no way to turn off or limit how many times a member takes a Quiz.

  • If you edit a Quiz while a member is taking it, the member will be prompted to retake it once the edits have been made. The member will get a pop-up that informs them of this change.

Updated September 2023

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