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How Do I Post a Livestream Replay?
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It's easy!

If you chose to record your livestream, you will receive an email and in-app notification when it’s ready.

Clicking on the notification will take you to the replay, or you can go to your profile icon and select “Livestream Recordings”.

In the Livestream Recording menu, you will see two filters: "All" and "Yours".

"Yours" will show you a list of your recordings with the most recent being at the top.

"All" will show you all the other recordings done by other Network Hosts.

You will only be able to delete your own recordings on web and iOS and Android mobile web.

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If you would like to download the recording to your computer, click on the “↓ Download” button. This will allow you to review or edit the recording before deciding where to post it.


If you're looking for a chat transcript you can click on the three dot menu next to the “↓ Download” button to download a timestamped list of all chat messages.

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If you don't need to edit the recording, then choose "Create Article". This will create an Article with the replay already embedded in it.

You will only be able to post the Article on web and iOS and Android mobile web.

Be sure that Articles are enabled in the Space you would like the replay to appear by going to the gear icon > Features > Feed > Content Types.

Next, select the Space you want the Article to appear in.

We recommend an Article as the best place for a replay but you can also upload it to a Space with a Table of Contents feature and use Sections and Lessons to create a replay library.

If you have decided to download the replay, then you will need to upload it.

Hit the + button on the left of the editor to “Add Photo, Video, or File”, and choose your .mp4 file for upload.

While your recording is uploading, we recommend writing some sentences about the livestream and any links to relevant materials or next steps.

You can also upload the chat transcript and/or the presenter’s slide deck as file attachments.

When the video is done processing, you will be able to add a custom thumbnail to your video. If you choose not to upload a thumbnail, then the video will appear as a a black frame with a play button.

Be sure to feature your Article in the Feed after you've posted it!

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