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How Do I Create a Token-Gated Plan?
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For general information on Web3, Crypto Wallets, and Token-Gating, start here.

Creating a Token-Gated Plan

When creating a new Plan, you’ll be able to choose a “Gate” for the Plan, which can be in the form of financial payment or Web3 Token-Gating. A Plan cannot currently use both Stripe payments and token-gating together, so you must select one or the other.


You can, however, create multiple Plans that offer access to the same Network, Space, or bundle. If you would like to have both options, for your members, you will need to create one Plan that gates entry using Stripe payments, and another that uses Token-Gating.

After choosing the Token-Gating option, you’ll proceed to the Configure panel.

From this panel, you can adjust the following options:

Token Type: We currently support ERC-20, ERC-721 or ERC-1155. Choose ERC-20 for Cryptocurrency and ERC-721 or 1155 for NFTs.


Choose Chain: We currently support Ethereum Mainnet, but will be expanding to include other options in the future.

You can also choose an optional Layer 2 Protocol (we currently support Immutable X).

Choose Token: Choose an existing Token from the dropdown list, or directly paste a Token’s Contract Address into the field.


Minimum Amount: You can specify if the member needs to have a specific amount in their crypto wallet (or a specific number of NFTs) in order to join the Plan. If gating based on a specific NFT, you’d enter “1” to prove ownership of a single specific asset.


Token ID: You can optionally enter a specific Token ID required to join the Plan (this will only appear if ERC-721 or 1155 is selected above for NFTs).
Note that in the case of a single NFT with multiple copies, each copy has its own Token ID, so if you wanted to allow all copies of that NFT to be valid, you’d simply enter the NFTs Contact Address above, and leave this field empty.

If you are gating based on a specific NFT listed on OpenSea, the details for setting up your Plan can be found in the Details section of the NFT’s listing page:


After configuring, the final step will be to preview your Plan:


From here you can preview what members will see before purchasing, and jump back to any previous steps to make adjustments if needed.

Managing Token-Gated Plans and Members

Token-Gated Plans appear along with other Plans on the Plan Details page:


Note: Members of Token-Gated Plans cannot currently be moved to another Plan.

To learn more about how your members purchase Token-Gated Plans, check out this article.

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