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What are Global Features?
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Global Features show at the top of the left-hand navigation and you can reorder, rename, and toggle these features off. To manage your Global Features go to Admin > Navigation and Spaces > Global Features.

New members will land on the first Global Feature that you have enabled. If no Global Features are toggled on, they will land in the first Space on the left-hand menu.

Nevertheless, you also have the option to choose which Space they land in first. You can learn more about this here.

Feed, Events, and Discovery aggregate content from across all Spaces that a member has access to. For example, if an Event is happening in a Space that a member doesn’t have access to, they won’t see it in the Events Global Feature.

Members is a full list of all the members in your Mighty Network.

The Global Features are:


The Global Feed aggregates content from all Spaces that you have access to and from Public Spaces into one Feed. You and your members can interact with the content there by cheering, liking, or commenting.

By default, people will see content (posts and Events) in the Feed from Spaces they belong to and Public Spaces they don’t belong to.

As a Host, you have the option to turn off content from Public Spaces in the Global Feed so people only see content from Plan Access, Private, or Secret Spaces they belong to. You can do that by going to Admin > Navigation > Global Features > Feed > Manage > “Hide Content from Public Spaces”.

This will remove content from non-joined Public Spaces in the Global Feed; however, it will not hide Public Space content from search results, the Welcome Checklist, or the Global Featured Section.

Introduction posts for new profiles will appear in the Global Feed as well. As a Host, you will be able to toggle them off in these settings.

Searching in the Feed

In the Feed, you can search for all content types (Articles, Events, Comments, Member Categories, Hashtags, and Spaces). Your options for filtering the Feed are Everything, Personal Feed, Your Activity, From Your Hosts, Near You, Unanswered, Quick Posts, Questions and Polls, Articles and Events. You can even select multiple filters at one time!

In addition, you can sort content for Top (most relevant), Newest (most recently published), or Oldest (oldest published).

Here is an example of a search with Personal Feed, From Your Hosts, and Newest selected:

If you select the filter for "Everything" then you will see all content from Spaces you are a member of and from Public Spaces you are not a member of (if you have not toggled on the option to “Hide Content from Public Spaces”). If you select "Personal Feed" it will show you trending content from Spaces you are a member of as well as Public Spaces you are not a member of.

Creating Content from the Global Feed

Imagine you’re scrolling through your Global Feed and you get an idea for a post. You don’t have to leave your current screen or search for the right Space. You can create content right then and there!

If you're logged in on the web, click the "+ Create" button to the top left of the screen, just above the Global Features in the left navigation panel. If you're viewing on mobile, look for the "+" icon. Click or tap that button to get started!

  1. Choose Your Space: A list of Spaces where you can post will appear. Select your intended Space.

  2. Pick Your Content Type: Depending on what’s enabled in that Space and your permissions, choose the type of post you want to create.

  3. Get Posting: You’ll be taken to the chosen Space to share your content.

Who Can Use This Feature?

  • Hosts: You've got full access to create, dependent on the content types enabled in each Space.

  • Moderators: Your ability to post depends on the permissions and features available in each Space.

  • Members: Your ability to post depends on the permissions and features available in each Space.

You can feature Articles, Quick Posts, Events, and more right in the Global Feed, making it easy for everyone to see what's important. When Introduction Posts are enabled, they'll appear in your Global Feed. Any posts and events from public Spaces automatically show up in the Feed, ensuring they reach a wider audience.


Learn more about this feature here! You can use this to feature any number of posts, Events, and Spaces so that you can customize exactly what your members see when they open up the Discovery page on the web or in the Mighty Networks app.

If you choose to add a Space to Discovery, if they are Private and Plan Access, they won't show content inside of the Space until your member joins. You will need to make the Space public for non-members to see the content inside.


Community plans and up have a dynamic and engaging feature called “People Explorer” that surfaces connections between members

Profiles are arranged in clusters:

  • Top Members

  • Members Near You

  • New Members

If you have Member Categories enabled, those will appear here as well.

This feature also appears on profiles and in Spaces. To learn more, check out this article.

Click the buttons "Top", "Near You", "Newest", "Hosts", etc. to see lists of members who fit those categories.

If you don't have the Global Member feature enabled, then the “Online Now” icon will not appear. To see members who are online in Spaces, navigate to the member list and filter for "Online Now".


Here you will find all the Events aggregated across all your Spaces. Each member will see the Events happening inside each Space that they are a member of.

Global Features Settings

You can access your Global Features settings by going to Admin > Navigation and Spaces > Global Features.

To learn more, check out the article, “How Do I Manage My Global Features?

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