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What Are Promoted Spaces?
Updated over a week ago

Promoted Spaces provide Hosts and Moderators the ability to draw special attention to Spaces they want members to discover. Promoted Spaces appear in your Network navigation area with a special “sparkle” icon.

Promoting a Space

Hosts or Moderators can promote a Space by navigating to the three-dot menu from the left navigation menu or selecting “Promote in Navigation Panel” from the list of Spaces within a Collection.


Promoted Spaces can be Public, Private, or Plan Access. Secret Spaces will not appear in the navigation area with the Promoted icon unless their privacy setting is changed.

Viewing Promoted Spaces

Once a Space is promoted, non-members of that Space will see it appear in the navigation area, along with the promoted icon. The promoted icon is the Space color which you can change in the Spaces branding. After joining the Space, the Promoted icon will disappear for that member.


Hosts and Moderators will not see the Promoted icon in the navigation menu unless they are not a part of the Space. Hosts can view a list of all Promoted Spaces in Admin > Navigation and Spaces > Space List.

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