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What is the Member Detail Page?
Updated over a week ago

The Member Detail Page is available on the Community plan and up and is an internal view of a particular member, moderator or Host.

On the Member Information tab it shows:

  • Last active date

  • The date they joined your Mighty Network

  • Network role

  • Any Tags they have been assigned

  • Any Badges they have been assigned

  • Mini bio

  • Member Category

  • Location

  • About Me

  • People they have referred

On the Plans and Purchases tab it shows:

  • Current and past subscriptions

  • All purchases

The actions you can take from this page are to message the person, which will open up a direct message with them or view their public-facing profile page.

To find the Member Detail page, any Network Host or Network moderator can click their profile picture in the top right corner > click "Admin" > scroll down to the "Members" heading and click "Member List".

Click on the name of the person will open up the Member Detail page or you can select the three dot menu next to their name and “View Member Detail”.

You can also navigate to any profile and select the three dot menu in the upper right corner.

You can also navigate to the Global or Space member list and select the three dot menu next to a person’s name.

We plan on adding more details to this page like plan information to make administration tasks in your Mighty Network even easier!

Updated January 2024

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