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How Do I Provide Access to a Single Space?
How Do I Provide Access to a Single Space?
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Some Hosts want to offer a single Space (or Spaces) with content independent from the rest of the offerings in their Mighty Network.

Maybe it’s an introductory Course, a one-time Livestream, a public blog, or an informational area in which members can get an in-depth overview of your Mighty Network’s content before they purchase access to more.

Luckily, it’s easy to set this up!

Here’s how:

Let’s say you’re a Course creator who wants to offer a free Course for people to take before they purchase additional Courses or content.

You’ll set the overall privacy setting for your Mighty Network to be public so that anyone who comes to your Landing Page can see your Mighty Network and join instantly.

You also have other privacy options (like private or secret) depending on how exclusive you want your community to be, or if you want your free content area visible or not before someone joins. Check out this article to learn more about those options.

In this case, you’ll keep it public and toggle off the Landing Page so that the very first thing a new person sees is your free Course.

To toggle off the Landing Page, go to Admin > Privacy & Access > Network Landing Page.

The next step is to create the Course by selecting “Create a Space” at the bottom of the left-hand navigation.

If you just want to offer content in this Course, choose the Content Course Template

On the next page, name the Course and set the privacy to public and Auto Join, which means that anyone who joins your Mighty Network will immediately have access to your free Course.

If your Course already exists, go to the gear icon in the Space > Details > Privacy and set it to public and Auto Join.

For best practices on how to create your Course as well as how to use our Instant Course Outline creator, check out this article.

If you don’t want the members to see each other in this Space, you go to the gear icon in the Space > Space Features and toggle off Members.

If you don’t want the free Course members to see other members in your Mighty Network either, toggle off the Global Members feature by going to Admin > Navigation and Spaces > Global Features > Members.

If you want to lock things down even further, you can disable private messaging for your Mighty Network, or allow your members to decide whether or not to enable private messaging for their accounts.

If you choose to disable private messaging, you can add the Space Chat feature to your paid Spaces instead. This means that members of your free Course can search for others on the main Mighty Network but can’t chat or interact with your other members unless they join one of your paid Spaces.

Here’s how to set up your paid Spaces…

Create plans for all of the Spaces. Sell them individually or package them together as bundles. You can easily create plans by going to Admin > Plans > Plans List and selecting the “+” icon.

When creating these plans, keep the Network “Excluded” or toggled off.

Here’s what it looks like to create a plan for a single Space:

Here’s a plan for a bundle of Spaces:

To learn more about creating plans, check out this article.

Once you’ve created all your plans and made them visible, you can start directing people to your free Course.

Here’s what it looks like to a member exploring your Network. They’re only able to see and interact with your free Course content, along with seeing options to purchase more access if they want to. The experience is the same for non-members if your Network is set to Public, but they won’t be able to interact with content until they sign up.

Once they join, here’s what it looks like

one space.png

Have more questions? Drop into one of our live sessions in Mighty Community to chat about what you’re looking to create, or reach out to our team through the Need Help button in the lower right corner of your Mighty Network.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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