How Should I Structure My Mighty Network?

Here are three of the most popular ways to set up Plans in your Mighty Network.

While there are some limitations and edge cases that you may need to consider (and you can review those here in our payments FAQ), we hope this guide will give you more clarity about what’s possible when you decide to start earning revenue directly from your Mighty Network.

Here are some questions to start you out:

Do you want to charge for Network membership but not for Spaces inside of your Mighty Network?

If yes, then you want to build a Paid Mighty Network.

For a Paid Mighty Network (Network membership only - these Plans will appear on your landing page)

You will set up an External Individual Plan 

  • To set up a new Plan, go to Network Settings > Plans and Payments > Plans and click the “+” icon
  • For this option, you will want to be sure that the toggle is on or “Included”.
  • After creating the Plan, anyone who visits your Mighty Network’s landing page directly or via an invitation will see an option to purchase membership.

Do you want the Network membership to be free and charge for Space memberships?

If yes, then you want to build a Freemium Mighty Network

For a Freemium Mighty Network- (Space membership only):

You will want to set up Internal Individual Plans or Internal Bundle Plans 

  • These Plans will offer access to one Space or a bundle of Spaces. 
  • Be sure that the Network is toggled off or “Excluded”.
  • You can add as many Spaces as you would like. 
  • If you would like to market these Space Plans to prospective members, you can share the Plan landing page link which will prompt new members to sign up and existing members to log in and purchase. To learn more, check out this article
  • If you are including Spaces that were previously public, private or secret then you will see a notification alerting you that the Spaces will now be plan access. 

Do you want to charge for Network membership and charge for Space memberships?

If yes, then you want to build a Paid Plus Paid Mighty Network

For a Paid Plus Paid Mighty Network - (Network and Space membership):

  • You can either keep Network membership and Space memberships on separate Plans.
  • Or you can choose to create External Bundle Plans that pair Network and Space membership in one. 

Do you want to take payments using an external payment tool?

If yes, then check out this article here.

We have found that the most successful Mighty Networks are Paid Plus Paid and charge an average of $48 for membership to their Mighty Network. To learn more check out “How Much Do People Charge, on Average, on Mighty Networks?”

Want to offer some people the option to join your Mighty Network for free even though it’s paid for by the public at the front door?

Create a hidden External Free Plan and send those people the share link for that hidden Plan so they can easily join for free through the special link.

Ready to get started?

Read more about our Plans or go to Network Settings > Plans and Payments in your Mighty Network now.

Updated February 2024

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