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What Can I Sell on a Mighty Network?
Updated over a week ago

You have a ton of flexibility when it comes to selling things via your Mighty Network. Here’s what’s on the table.

You can charge for access to your Mighty Network —think of that like a gate at the front door. A membership fee to be a part of your community!

You can also charge for Spaces —flexible, no-code containers that live in the left-hand navigation.

Now, here's where it gets really interesting. On other platforms, you're limited in what you can bring together. Not with cultural software!

In each Space, you can have different native features. No integrations required. So if you'd like to have a Chat, and a Feed, and Events —easy.

You can rename and reorganize the left-hand navigation and each Space and the tabs within the Space. So if you want to call your Chat tab in a Space "Connect" or "Say Hi" or "Чат" or "Dinos ¡Hola!"... it's totally up to you!

You can control access to each Space. They can be Public, Private, Plan Access, or even Token-Gated (natively —no bots required!).

It also includes some new features you can add to a tab in a Space, like the ability to add a single Page with rich formatting, content, links, video, etc.

And the ability to showcase a single Event!

And of course, you can bundle as many Spaces together however you’d like —e.g. You could sell a membership to your Mighty Network that includes access to one Space, or you could bundle multiple Spaces together in one plan. Learn more about Bundle Plans here.

Everything you charge for on a Mighty Network is associated with a Plan —learn more about the Plans here, and how to set them up.

When setting up any Plan, you can charge a one-time access fee, or choose to charge a monthly and/or annual subscription. You can even set a free trial period! Once set up, your members will have the option to purchase your Plans on the web and/or the iOS app.

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