Payments Glossary — Mighty Networks Terms to Know

If and when you decide to set up payments within your Mighty Network, there are a few common use cases for how you can structure your Mighty Network and the Plans you create.

Definitions to Know

As you consider setting up payments in your Mighty Network, you'll want to know a few key terms:

Plan – the mechanism for setting up paid access to your Mighty Network or Spaces within your Mighty Network. A Plan can sell access to your main Mighty Network, an individual Space within your main Mighty Network, or a Bundled Plan of multiple Spaces.

Visible Plan – A Visible Plan is available to anyone on the Plan Landing Page who visits the page.

Hidden Plan – A Hidden Plan is only accessible via a shared link that you'll be able to generate once your Plan is set up. A Hidden Plan is there to set up different prices for the same offering or even create a link that will get visitors or members into that Plan for free. Hidden Plans are also how a Mighty Network today handles coupons, which are not yet available.

Internal Plan – An Internal Plan is a Visible or Hidden Plan accessible to members of your Mighty Network. It's also the way to offer a free, public Mighty Network anyone can join, while selling paid Spaces for people to purchase. On an Internal Plan, your Plan Landing Pages are contained *within* your Mighty Network. This means if you want your Mighty Network to be private, only people who have joined your Mighty Network will see the prompts to purchase an Internal Plan.

External Plan - An External Plan is a Visible or Hidden Plan targeted to an audience of prospective members and includes Network access. External plans provide options for non-members to purchase Plans from your Plan Landing Page.

Bundle: This grants someone access to more than one area of your Mighty Network with a single purchase. You can include access to multiple Spaces:

  • An External Bundle Plan includes Network membership (access to your overall Mighty Network for a non-member) bundled together with access to one or more Spaces within your Mighty Network.

  • An Internal Bundle Plan grants access to two or more Spaces within your Mighty Network that you want to sell to existing members (anyone who already has a Network membership).

Updated December 2022

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