How Can I Report or Block Another Member?

Blocking a member

If you need to block communication with another member you can do so through the Network Menu > Members and then click the three-dot menu. Beneath “More”, you will see the option to block the member. 


You can also block a member from chat. In the chat window with the member, click the three-dot menu and choose to block the member.


Once you've blocked the member, you will no longer receive notifications or 1-to-1 messages from the member. Any 1-to-1 chat you have with them will clear from your chat notifications after you log in again. You will also no longer see their posts in the Global Feed or any Feeds in a Space. 

If you have been blocked by another member, your chat will continue to show as normal although the member you are chatting with will no longer receive the messages.

You will still be able to engage with a member you’ve blocked in chats with three or more members. 

If you are added to a chat with someone you’ve blocked, you will be warned before entering the chat that a member you’ve blocked is in that chat. 


If you choose “Mute and Archive,” the conversation with the blocked member will not appear in your chat list and you will not receive notifications for that chat. If you choose “Continue,” you will be added to the chat.

Once you’re in the chat, you will see a “Blocked” tag next to the avatar of the blocked member in the presence bar.  No one in the chat besides you will be able to see this tag.


A blocked member will not be able to create new chats with you alone, but you may find yourself in a chat with them if another member adds you to a chat with the blocked member.

We don’t alert the blocked person that you have blocked them and they will still be able to see your posts and comments in the Network.

Unblocking a member

You can unblock a member by navigating to the three-dot menu on the blocked member’s profile. Underneath “More”, you will see the option to unblock the member. You can also unblock someone by sending them a message in a 1-to-1 chat. Before sending the message, you will be warned that this action will unblock the member.


Reporting a member

On web and mobile, if you need to report a member to your Host, you can do so by clicking the three dot menu in their Member profile and clicking “Report (Name of Member)”


After you report the member, you will be asked why you are reporting them.

When you click send the report, you will see a message that the report has been sent to your Hosts.


A notification is sent to your Host to let them know that the member has been reported and your reasoning so that they can take action to either remove or ban the member.

Updated March 2022

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