Can I Reorder and Duplicate Lessons and Sections in My Table of Contents?

You can reorder Lessons, combine Lessons into Sections, and reorder Sections in a Space.

When you rollover a Lesson or Section, you'll see a light gray control on the left. You can drag and drop the Section or any Lesson within it to the place it where you want to put it.

When you click Edit, you'll be taken to the Edit Section or Lesson view. The 3 dot menu will give you a few more options, including the ability to duplicate that Lesson or Section:

There isn't a way to duplicate a Section or Lesson and copy or move it to another Space however you can duplicate a Space which will duplicate all it's contents.

Lastly, when you check the box next to the option to drag and drop the Section or Lessons into a reorder, you'll see the quick option on that Lesson or Section to make Visible or make Hidden, or adjust the Unlock Settings.

Updated December 2022

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