What’s Included in the Mighty Networks Path-to-Pro Plan?

Welcome! We’re excited that you’ve chosen to explore Mighty Networks and learn more about the Path-to-Pro Plan. This is the Plan that sits between our Business Plan and Mighty Pro and is a great plan for those who are ready for an upgrade!  

The Path-to-Pro Plan is the place to dial up your branding, get another level of support from our Customer Advocacy team, and offer a more premium experience to your members.

Let’s dig into what it includes. 

First of all, all of our plans are 100% ad-free and offer:

So you’re already starting from a great place! The Path-to-Pro Plan has all the features of the Business Plan with some amazing upgrades: 

  • Mighty Pro Branding on the web
  • The ability for Space Hosts and Network moderators to go live in a Space
  • Member native video upload and playback
  • Dedicated Path-to-Pro Plan support and an invitation into the exclusive Path-to-Pro Mighty Network filled with exclusive guides, resources, and live events.3 TB of storage, 40 hours of livestreaming with 1000 livestream viewers
  • The ability (for an extra cost) to have your own apps available on iOS and Android, under your own brand, in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

To access the Path-to-Pro features, purchase it here, or it you'd like to learn more, schedule a call with our team here!

Looking to upgrade your experience on Mighty Networks even more? You can explore Mighty Pro!

Updated February 2024

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