Are there AI Features in My Mighty Network?

Yes! We have developed a set of powerful new AI features designed to help you do things like fill out your profile, fix spelling and grammar, change the tone of your writing and more!

Make It Better

This feature can be found in Quick Posts, Articles, Events, Chats and more!

All you have to do is type a sentence (or just a few words), then highlight the text with your cursor. The “Make it Better” sparkle icon will appear.


The options that appear when selecting the Sparkle icon are:

  • Fix Spelling and Grammar
  • Simplify
  • Shorten 
  • Elaborate
  • Change Tone:
    • Make it Casual
    • Make it Fun
    • Make it Professional
    • Make it Sincere 
    • Make it Witty

Profile Assist

This feature helps you out with your profile - specifically the “About Me” section. 

Selecting “Get Me Started” will ask three simple questions. From there, a new profile will be generated. If you want to try again, you can simply delete the text in the "About Me" section. Note: "Get Me Started" prompt will only appear if the About Me section is blank.


Show Similarities

When you navigate to a profile, you will see a new prompt that says “Show Similarities”. Selecting that option will show the similarities between you and the other person.


Start a Conversation

This feature will show when opening up a direct message or group chat with members you have never chatted with before. You will see the option to “Suggest a Conversation Starter”. Selecting that will show you a sample message to send based on your profiles and similarities. It will be in draft form, and you can choose to send it, edit it or choose “Try Again” for a different suggestion.


Suggested Hashtags

This feature will show in Quick Posts, Articles, Comments, Lessons and Sections. The hashtag suggestions will appear in Spaces in which there aren’t already any Highlighted hashtags. Hashtag suggestions appear alongside the new sparkle icon.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to your Host directly or send us an email to

Updated June 2023

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