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Can I Duplicate an Event in My Mighty Network?
Can I Duplicate an Event in My Mighty Network?
Updated over a week ago

If you want to create another version of the same Event you've already published in your Mighty Network, you can easily duplicate an Event.

Duplicating an Event will copy the exact same title, settings, description, and imagery for an Event into a draft of a new Event. From there, you'll be able to edit information about the Event and adjust the settings and customization before you publish it as a new, separate Event.

How to Duplicate an Event

To duplicate an Event that has already been published, open up the 3 dot menu on the Event you want to duplicate.

You can find this menu on the Event list:


Or you can find it within the full detail page for the Event:


Once you select Duplicate Event, a new draft of an Event will be created. To differentiate it from your existing Event, the title of your new draft will include [Copy] at the beginning.


If, instead, you want to have the exact same Event occur repeatedly on a regular schedule (such as weekly or monthly), you can create a Repeat Event. A Repeat Event will have the same title, description, and details for each instance of the Event that exists, and will repeat during the intervals you specify. Go here to learn more about how to use Repeat Events.

Updated January 2023

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