Why Can't I Log In to My Mighty Network?
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If you are having trouble logging in, please ensure a couple of things:

  1. You are using the correct URL for the Mighty Network you are trying to log in to.

  2. You are using the email address associated with your account when you first signed up for the Mighty Network you are a member of.

  3. You may have signed up using a Social Sign In (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Apple). Please try those options to sign in to your account. If you would like to switch to signing in with your email, you will need to reset your password.

It's important to note that every Mighty Network is standalone, which means that you do need to set up a separate profile and login for every Mighty Network that you’re a part of (although you can use the same login information for each!).

We make it easy to switch between networks in the Mighty Networks apps-- once you log in once, you should be quick to switch between Networks without needing to log in to each again.

On the web, the same goes—once you're logged in, you can just go to the URL in your web browser for the Mighty Network you want to visit and it should be easy to hop back in. For easy navigation, be sure to bookmark the landing pages of all the Mighty Networks you are a member of!

Reset Password

If you forgot your password for your Mighty Network, use the "Forgot password" link on the Sign In page.

Once you enter your email address, click “Send Email” and we will send you an email to reset your password.

You will also be emailed a Magic Link which will automatically sign you into your Mighty Networks account.

The password reset email you receive is valid for only one hour, but you can send yourself as many passwords reset emails as you need.

If your account has been disabled, there are a couple of scenarios that may have happened.

  1. A network Host or Moderator has banned your account.

  2. Your account was flagged for spam by sending repeated messages.

If you believe your account was disabled by mistake, you can email us at help@mightynetworks.com and we can take a look. However, if it was banned keep in mind that we will be unable to overturn any decision from a Mighty Network Host or Moderator.

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