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What's the Overview?
Updated over a week ago

You have four content types to build your Course in the Table of Contents feature:

Add an Overview

The Overview is where you add the description of and guidelines for your Table of Contents. We have a pre-built Overview template for you to publish as-is or edit and make your own.

The Overview has the same features as an Article in your Mighty Network. You can add a video, photos, files, and embed some widgets or software.

Overview Settings

Then, at the bottom of your Overview page, you'll see Overview Settings.

For your Overview, as well as any Lesson or Section, you can see whether the page is visible or hidden, whether the thumbnail image is the default or one you've customized, and whether you are enabling previewing. To change these settings, choose Manage Overview Settings.

From here, you can add your next lesson and keep building out Lessons and Sections.

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