What Livestreaming Limits Do I Have in My Mighty Network?

The Community Plan has 5 hours per Month (with up to 50 simultaneous attendees)

The Courses Plan has 20 Hours per Month (with up to 200 simultaneous attendees)  

The Business Plan has 30 hours per Month (with up to 500 simultaneous attendees)

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What if I want more attendees and/or hours?

You can purchase an Engagement Boost in your Mighty Network that will unlock more streaming hours, storage, and attendees for a small monthly fee. You can buy an Engagement Boost by visiting Network Settings > Your Plan > Storage and Usage.

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Or, if you’re ready for your own branded apps you can upgrade to Mighty Pro, which comes with expanded livestream limits at no extra cost. 

If you are a Mighty Pro Host, please contact our team to purchase additional hours.

What is the maximum length of a Livestream?

Two hours.

Can I pay to extend Livestream duration?

Currently, it's not an option to extend Livestreams beyond the two-hour limit.

Do Livestream hours rollover if unused?

No, they do not. The hours will reset at the beginning of each billing month. The exact day aligns with the day you signed up. 

Do non-recorded Livestreams count towards storage being used?


How do I check how many Livestreaming hours I have left?

Go to Network Settings > Your Plan and scroll down to Manage Your Plan, then click Storage and Usage. You can find the number of Livestreaming Hours you have left, as well as an option to purchase an Engagement Boost to unlock more streaming hours for your Network.

How do I cancel my Engagement Boost?

You can cancel your boost by going to Network Settings > Your Plan > Plan Information > Cancel Boost.

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