How Much Do People Charge, on Average, on Mighty Networks?

Great question. When we last looked at all of our Hosts who were charging for access to their Mighty Network or to a Space within it—the average subscription cost was $48 a month. For Annual subscriptions, many offered a discount of $280/year. 

Sound high? It’s not really—in the world of online courses and memberships, there are thousands of successful high-ticket programs that cost thousands of dollars. 

If you’re not sure how to price, we have a special formula to help you. It takes into account the results your members will get, what they’d have to pay to replace your offering, and the focus you need to bring to it. 

Bonus: curious about how the average pricing across Mighty Networks compares to how much you can make per month from other platforms. We were too… so we made a whole website about it! Check out the Creators Calculator to see what we found out and play with the numbers.

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