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Do I Have to Charge for My Mighty Network?
Updated over a week ago

Definitely not! There are thousands of Mighty Networks that are free to join and either charge for Spaces within them or don’t charge anything at all.

However…if you’re thinking about it at all, we recommend that you do!

We’ve found that people pay attention to what they pay for and we are committed to setting you up for success with a community so valuable that you can charge for it. We do this through our free resources in Mighty Community and our courses, like Community Design™.

The average price for a paid membership on Mighty is $48/month, which means you don’t need hundreds of thousands of members to create a sustainable business, either. You can explore the math here.

We recommend heading over to Mighty Community to learn about the four ways of structuring your Mighty Network and determine which one is right for you!

If you choose to charge access to your Mighty Network, check out How Do I Set Up Plans and Charge on Mighty Networks?

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