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Can I Do One-Off Payments and Recurring Payments through Mighty Networks?
Can I Do One-Off Payments and Recurring Payments through Mighty Networks?
Updated over a week ago

The answer is yes, to all three!

When setting up your Plans, there are three different types of pricing intervals you can set up:

One-Time Payment: A member will pay only once to gain access to what’s included in this Plan. They'll continue to get access as long as they have an active membership in your Mighty Network. The minimum amount you must charge is $0.50.

So for instance, you could offer a Course to members of your community that’s a one-time fee of $499.

Subscription: You have the option to charge members a recurring monthly subscription or an annual subscription, or to let them select between a monthly and annual subscription.

Members retain access to what's included in this Plan as long as they continue paying for the subscription. When you offer both a monthly and annual subscription, we recommend giving members a small discount for choosing the annual option, and the savings will be clearly shown.

So for instance, you could charge $40/month and $350/year for access to your Mighty Network. Fun fact, $40/month is the average price Mighty Networks charge!

Free: A member will not be charged when they are on a free Plan, and they will be able to access the experiences this Plan grants access to as long as they remain on this Plan. They will not be prompted to enter a credit card or provide payment details.

For instance, we have a Free plan for our private Mighty Hosts Space in Mighty Community, which is for Hosts on the Community Plan and up. We share the link with Hosts to let them in.

If you would like to learn more about Plans, check out the article How Do I Set Up Plans and Charge on Mighty Networks?

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