What Kind of Notifications Will I Receive as a Member of a Mighty Network?

Notifications serve as a way for you to see the updates about activity in your Mighty Network.

Change what you're notified about as well as how you're notified by clicking your profile picture and going to Personal Settings -> Notifications.

Five Ways You Receive Notifications

You can receive notifications through five different channels: in-app, email, desktop, mobile push and pop-up notifications.

In-app notifications: By default, you will receive notifications based on your notification settings via the bell icon.


Email notifications (on by default when joining via desktop or mobile app): If you have Email Updates turned on in notification settings, you will receive email notifications at the email address you used to join your Mighty Network. 

Mobile push notifications (off by default): These notifications will appear on your mobile device when activity happens in your Mighty Network. Here’s what a mobile push notification looks like:


Desktop notifications (off by default): If you would like to enable desktop notifications, check out this article

Pop-up notifications (on by default): These notifications will appear temporarily in the lower right corner of the screen. These notifications will appear for direct chat messages and Space Chat Messages on web and mobile.


If you would like to mute Space Chat Messages for a Space, you can do so by selecting the three dot menu next to the Space and click "Mute Chat". On mobile, select the three dot menu in the upper right corner.

new chat 7.png

Private, group and Space chat messages will also appear in the chat icon in the upper right corner

new space chat in convo list.png

How to Enable or Disable Email and Mobile Push Notifications

Email Notifications

To toggle email notifications on or off, click your profile picture -> Personal Settings -> Notifications. From there, you can easily toggle email notifications on or off.
Why does it say that I'm unsubscribed? A member can be marked as unsubscribed for a few reasons:
  • The email provider is flagging "@mn.co" email notifications.
  • The email provider’s settings have been updated, so they flag our email notifications.
  • The email provider’s filters pick up the "@mn.co" email address and bounce the email.
  • The email provider has "@mn.co" on a spam list, which flags our email delivery system.
  • The member accidentally marked our emails as spam.

To help prevent this, we encourage you to safelist @mn.co emails within your email provider. For more information on those steps, visit: https://thegoodlifepath.org/safelist/. If you need to resubscribe yourself to our emails, you will see a "Contact Support" button in your notification settings. Tap that button, or email help@mightynetworks.com.

If you would like to turn on desktop notifications, check out this article

Choose Email Frequency

If you prefer to only get one email per day with a roundup of all your notifications, you can select to receive a Daily Digest. The Daily Digest is enabled by default.

The Daily Digest email will be sent 5:00 PM your local time (time may vary) with a summary of your unread notifications. Note that time-sensitive notifications (like event reminders) may still send as activity happens. If you click on an in-app notification, it will be considered read and not appear in the Daily Digest.

Your Daily Digest can include a combination of the following notification types:

  • New Posts & Activity: New content, comments, @Mentions, and one-on-one Private Chat messages, plus Event and Poll-related updates
  • New Course Content: Published and unlocked Course content
  • Welcome Invites to Mighty Network or Spaces
  • Notify All Members
  • New Members joined: Members with a similar Member Category or who are near you (200 km radius)
  • Ambassador Program Updates: Referred Members joined, new Ambassador level reached

Otherwise, you can select to have notifications sent as activity happens.

The following notifications bypass the Daily Digest setting and are sent in real-time:

  • Message all members from Hosts
  • Your Host just went Live
  • Event Reminders
  • Welcome Checklist Reminder

Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile Push notifications are off by default.


To enable Mobile Push notifications, first download the Mighty Networks App. When you’re logged in on the web, click on the Download App button which prompts you to enter your mobile number. You will then receive an SMS text with a link to download the app.


Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be prompted to enable Mobile Push notifications.



If you’d like to manage your mobile push notifications moving forward, you can do so by tapping your profile picture -> Personal Settings -> Notifications. From there, you can toggle Mobile Push notifications on or off.

If you previously turned off Mobile Push notifications through your mobile device settings or didn’t allow notifications when prompted, then you may need to visit your device settings to manually allow the Mighty Networks app to send Mobile Push notifications. 

Select Notifications as Read or Unread

You can choose the three dot menu next to the notification and select individual notifications as "Read" or "Unread".


Select the Types of Notifications You Receive

Once you've selected how you want to be notified, you can toggle which types of notifications you want to receive via email and/or mobile push. You will always receive in-app notifications for any notifications you have toggled on.

  • Cheers On Your Stuff: When others cheer on Quick Posts, Articles, Questions, Polls, and Comments you created.
  • Comments On Your Stuff: When others comment on Quick Posts, Articles, Events, Questions, and Polls you created.
  • Comments After You: If others comment after your comment or reply in a thread, you will be notified. However, you will not be notified about replies to other comments in the thread.
  • @Mentions: When others tag you directly in a Post, Comment or Chat
  • Updates From Your Hosts: When a Host posts or sends a message.
  • Event Updates and Reminders: When the Event Host sends an update or when reminders are sent before an event starts.
  • Poll Answers and Results: When others vote on your Polls.
  • Activities Relevant to You: When people near you join, or when there is relevant trending activity.
  • Activities From Members You Follow: When members you follow post new content
  • Private Chat Messages: When other members and Hosts send you Private Chat messages.
  • Space Chat Messages: Messages from other members in a Space.
  • Ambassador Notifications: When members you referred to join the Network, and when you level up your Ambassador status.
  • Livestream: When a Host goes live anywhere in the Network you have access to
  • All Posts: When there’s any type of new post
Space Notifications

At the bottom of your notifications list, you can also turn on notifications for specific Spaces that you are a member of.

If the Space has a Table of Contents feature then you may receive notifications from your Host when new lessons or sections are available. 

Please note: If you turn off email and mobile push notifications at the Network notification level, you will not receive notifications for a Space.

Other Notifications You May Receive

You may also receive the following types of notifications:

  1. Welcomes, invites, reminders, and approvals to join a Mighty Network or Space
  2. List of Mighty Networks you’re a member of (when signing in via mightynetworks.com)
  3. Password or sign-in-related notifications

Badges awarded: If your Host awards you a Badge, you will receive an email, in-app and mobile push notification (if enabled).

Payment/Plan notifications: Status updates or changes for free trials, payments, and one-time or subscription Plans.

If you don't log into your account for longer than six months then we will stop sending you notifications altogether.

Updated November 2023

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