Can I Customize the Landing Space for My Members?

Absolutely! As a Host, you may want to curate your member’s experience whether they are new members, returning members, or just visiting by choosing which Space they land in first.

To set this up, head over to Network Settings > Navigation > Custom Landing Spaces and select Custom Landing Spaces.


Selecting Custom Landing Space will show you the screen below where you can choose Spaces for each of your members to land in when they first visit, join, or return to your Mighty Network.

You can choose to customize just one option or all three! 

The Spaces that will appear as options in the dropdown menu will be the ones that are set as Public and Auto Join. You will not be able to choose a Secret, Private, or Plan Access Space as the custom landing Space for any of the three options.

Landing Space for New Members

  • This option applies to all privacy settings and the Space selected is the one new members (who just created an account) will land on when they enter the Mighty Network for the first time.
  • If a member is invited to the Mighty Network via a Space they will not experience this, as their first landing will be in the Space they were invited to.
  • The Space selected will need to be Public and set to Auto-Join.

Landing Space for Returning Members

  • This option applies to all privacy settings, and the Space selected is the one returning members (those who have already joined) will land upon returning to the Mighty Network.
  • This will also be the Space any Network or Space Hosts as well as Network or Space Moderators will land in.
  • Existing members will see the new Space when signing in on a new device or returning after signing out. If the returned member remains signed in, then the members' last-visited Space will be remembered.

Landing Space for Visitors

  • This option applies only to Public Mighty Networks, and the Space selected is where visitors (non-members who haven’t created an account or officially joined) will land upon entering the Network for the first time. 
  • The Space selected will need to be Public and set to Auto-Join.

If no Custom Landing Space is set, visitors and members logging back in will land on either the first Global Feature, first joined Space, or first Collection in the Navigation Panel.

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