I Want People to Answer Questions Before I Let them Into My Mighty Network—How Do I Do That?

If you have a private or plan access Mighty Network, you can customize up to five questions that you want new members to answer from your landing page before you approve them to join or purchase.

How to Set Up Questions on Your Landing Page for a Private Mighty Network

To set up these custom questions for a private Mighty Network, you first need to make sure your Mighty Network has been upgraded to the Community Plan or higher. Then, go to Network Settings > General > Request to Join > Manage.

From here you can create up to five custom questions that potential members can answer before they submit a request to join your Mighty Network. 

Each question you create, you can decide if it's required or optional. Members will answer each question in a text field with a maximum of 500 characters. You will always have to have at least one required default question in place with a private Mighty Network. The default question that we ask is, "Why do you want to join this community?". There isn't a way to turn off the required question at this time.


On the Business plan and up, you will see an option to "Suggest Question", this is a part of our AI features that are available to Mighty Networks. 

After you select "Suggest Question" you can give it a phrase or a few words to go off of. Then it will present you with three options for questions. Selecting “Try Again” will clear the suggestions. 


To learn how to set up Screening Questions and Approvals for a plan access Mighty Network or a plan access Space, check out the article, "Can I Set Up Questions for My Members to Answer Before Purchasing?".

How a Member Sees These Questions

Members who come to the landing page of your private Mighty Network see a button prompting them to "Request to Join."

When they click on the button, they will be prompted to enter their name, email address, and password:


Next, they will be asked to add a Profile Photo (they can skip this step and add one later):


Then they will see the custom questions you have set up for new members to answer:


After they Submit Answers, the member will be able to click “See Status”:


This will allow the member to:

Edit Account- add, change or remove their profile photo, change their name, email address or delete their account. If a member deletes their account at this point in the process, their request to join will be removed from the list.

Edit Answers - change the answers to the questions and re-submit them

Approval Status - see where their request to join is in the process 

  • Approval Pending - A Host or Moderator has not reviewed the request yet.
  • Request to Join Declined - You as a Host have declined their Request to Join.
  • The reason you selected will be shown to the member. 

Managing Requests to Join

As a Host, you'll receive a notification when a potential member has filled out your questions and requested to join your Mighty Network.

For Private Networks, the answers to these questions and options for how to respond to these requests will be stored on a tab within your Invite page called "Requests to Join." You can also get to this view by going to Network Settings > Members > Requests to Join. 

On the Requests to Join tab, you can manage all incoming requests to join your private Mighty Network and approve or decline someone's request to get an invitation. If you approve someone, you will still be able to view their answers in the three dot menu next to their name under "View Answers".




When you hit "Decline," the member will see the update to their status, they will not receive an email letting them know that their request has been declined. 


For Plan Access Networks, you can manage Requests to Join and view answers to questions for External Plans by going to Network Settings > Plans and Payments > Plans > clicking into the Plan > clicking the Members tab:

Please note that Requests for Approval do not have an expiration date. These requests will remain in the queue indefinitely until you take action by either approving or denying them.

As a note, the answers to questions on a plan are not available to download in the member or plan list.

See this Article for more information on managing Requests to Join and viewing answers to Questions for Plan Access Networks.

Important Notes

When a Member deactivates their account from a private Mighty Network, they will be asked to Request to Join again. Members can select Request to Join on the landing page and go through the steps using the same email address that they used on the deactivated account. When the Host approves the Member, the Member's previous account will be reactivated and all contributions will be accessible as they were left.

When you approve someone's request to join your Mighty Network, this will initiate an email that gets sent to them immediately welcoming them to your Mighty Network and prompting them to “Get Started”. 

You will see them as new members as soon as you approve their request to join. 



If you ever want to review how ALL potential members have answered these custom questions over time, on the Courses Plan and up you can see a full export of answers in the second tab of the member download list that you can download anytime. 

Updated February 2024

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