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How Do I Chat with Other Members?
Updated over a week ago

Mighty Networks supports private chat with just one member, group chats with up to 9 members and the chat feature inside of Spaces.

Start a Private or Group Chat

To start a direct chat with one or more other members, click the chat icon in the upper right and click “+” to start a new chat, then search for the names of the members you want to add, select them, and click “Start Chat”.

Once a chat has been created, you cannot add new members to it and will need to start a new chat.

In all chats, you can add images, emojis and GIFs, check out this article to learn more.

You can also start a chat with one other member by going to their profile and clicking "Chat”.

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Space Chat

Inside of each Space, there is the ability to chat with other members. Depending on the type of community you're a part of, your Host may or may not have this feature flipped on.

new space chat.png

You will see the notifications for Space chat messages as a number indicator in the left hand navigation next to the Space as well as in your conversation list.

To learn how to manage the chat messages in the conversation list, check out the article "How Do I Manage My Chat Messages?"

At Mention

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When you mention someone or someone mentions you, there will be an email, in-app and mobile push notification.

If you mention someone in the chat that doesn’t have access to the Space chat or the private or group chat, there will be an error message shown that the member "will not be notified because they are not a member of this Chat."

Chat Replies

Chat replies help keep your chats organized, more discoverable, and most importantly, FUN.

You can reply to chat conversations in Space, private or group chats by selecting the “reply” icon.

If enabled, replies will trigger email and mobile push notifications.

Chat threads will also appear in your conversation list and begin with “Replies to”.

If you would like to learn more about how to manage your chat messages, check out this article

Show Similarities

If your Host has this AI feature enabled, then you will see a prompt that says “Show Similarities”. Selecting that option will show the similarities between you and the other person.


Start a Conversation

If your Host has this AI feature enabled, then you will see the option to “Suggest a Conversation Starter”. Selecting that will show you a sample message to send based on your profiles and similarities. It will be in draft form and you can choose to send it, edit it or choose “Try Again” for a different suggestion.


Your Host can also allow you to turn off your individual private chat. If it’s toggled on, you will be able to see it in your Personal Settings > Chat.

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