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What is Mighty Networks?
Watch a Full Tour of a Mighty Network
Watch a Full Tour of a Mighty Network
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Welcome! We’re excited that you’ve chosen to explore Mighty Networks. The best way to see if a Mighty Network is right for you is to watch this quick video tour:

What makes a Mighty Network different?

Today on Mighty, we can predict with 93% accuracy your success or failure in creating a thriving course or membership business.

It comes down to ONE THING.

It’s not how much you post.

Or how much of your content is consumed.

Or if you have a sophisticated marketing funnel.

Or if you pay affiliates to promote your community or courses.

Success comes down to how often your members connect and collaborate with each other.

It’s about the relationships your members make, not the content they consume.

It’s when they discover the most relevant people in your community, not just follow you.

It’s when they answer questions and polls that introduce them to people they are excited to meet, not just lurk.

It’s about them taking courses together, not alone.

After pioneering the top-ranked “all-in-one” community platform, this data points to a future so clear and exciting we gave it a name. Welcome to people magic.

People magic is the promise of meeting new people on the same path and making friends for life.

People magic is what your members want from the communities, courses, and memberships they join.

It’s what they pay for.

It’s what they pay attention to.

It’s why they invite new people to join.

Mighty exists to create people magic with exciting features like the People Explorer, a dynamic way for your members to discover and connect with each other.

In addition, a Mighty Network offers a beautiful, rich community platform where you can pull in your own online courses, Spaces, and sales funnel— all under your brand, available across every device including iOS, Android, and web.

Choosing a Mighty Network when you are just starting out means you’ll never need another platform to expand and grow.


What’s included in a community on a Mighty Network?

Every Mighty Network comes with people magic —something other platforms and chat apps are simply not designed to create.

In addition to features like the People Explorer, Mighty has everything you’d expect from a community or course platform:

  • People Explorer where your members can easily find and connect with each other

  • Content and a dynamic feed

  • Conversations and comments

  • Sharing to social media

  • Articles, polls, questions, and posts

  • Livestreaming and Events

  • Direct messaging between members and more!

To see all of the different features available on Mighty by plan, you can visit our pricing page.

If you haven't created a Mighty Network yet, go here to start a free trial.

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