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Can I Download Reports From My Mighty Insights™?
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Yes! We know you’ll likely want to share your community analytics with a broader team, so we’ve made it easy to download reports directly from your Mighty Insights™ dashboard.

You can download reports for each of the dashboards, or zoom in on specific charts or tables within your dashboards for more custom formatting.

How To Download Dashboard-Level Data

You can download each dashboard in a visual (PDF) or spreadsheet (CSV) format depending on your goals. Before you begin, try filtering your dashboard by date range, Space Type, or Space name at the top.

Then when you’re ready to download your report, click the three dots at the top right of the dashboard and select Download:

Desktopevent photo.png

From there, you can choose if you’d like a PDF– a visual copy of your dashboard– or if you’d like the raw data in a CSV. When you select CSV, you’ll get a folder with separate files for each chart in that dashboard.

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How To Download Data from a Specific Chart or Table

If you want to download data from a specific chart or table in one of your dashboards, hover over the chart/table and press the three dots at the top right > Download:

Desktopevent photo-1.png

When you download a specific chart, you’ll also get even more formatting options (like Excel Spreadsheets, HTML, or PNG) or Advanced Data options to better format your insights.

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With so much data at your fingertips, we’ve also laid out a handful of metrics you can find in Mighty Insights™ to track and measure your Mighty Network’s success. Read more here.

Updated July 2023

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