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How Often Should I Check My Mighty Insights™?
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When you’re part of a community you love, it feels magical. Behind the scenes, it’s data and insights that inform and guide the creation of that magic.

Mighty Insights™ gives you the motherlode of insights. But with so much data available, how often should you check it to make the most of your Mighty Network?

To help you create a habit of checking Mighty Insights™, here are a few scenarios to keep in mind:

Monitoring Your Mighty Network’s Health

At the least, you should use Mighty Insights™ to monitor your Mighty Network’s overall health. The Overview dashboard is just the place for that.

Mighty Insights.png

From this dashboard, take a look at your Active Members and pay attention to spikes or dips to these numbers in the past 28 days. Under the 'Members' tab, glance at your DAM/MAM and WAM/MAM ratios for an idea of what percentage of your members are coming back every day and week.

We recommend you monitor your Overview dashboard at least once a week.

For more on what metrics to monitor, check out this article.

After a Significant Event or Influx of Members

Say you just finished a significant event or ran a major campaign to attract new members. This is a great time to measure the impact of your efforts. If you’ve noticed a major change in your Mighty Network, like a sudden uptick of new members, this is also a clear trigger to use Mighty Insights™ to uncover what happened.

Planning Events or Changes to Your Mighty Network

Not only is Mighty Insights™ great for looking back, but also for planning ahead. Thinking of starting a new Course that expands on a successful one? Click 'Spaces' from the toolbar at the top of the page, go to the Table of Contents tab, choose the name of the Space that contains your successful course from the drop down menu under 'Space Name', press the blue refresh arrow to the right, and see what Lessons and Sections had the most interaction in the 'Top Content' table.

Who should you invite to a new Space first before you roll it out to your entire Mighty Network? Use Mighty Insights™ to find your most active members and add them to the list.

No matter how often you decide to check Mighty Insights™, it’s more important that you make it a consistent habit than it is to check it as often as possible. Using Mighty Insights™ is all about creating a feedback loop of monitoring your data and adjusting your community in kind.

Updated July 2023

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