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Is There a Calendar View for Events in My Mighty Network?
Is There a Calendar View for Events in My Mighty Network?
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When viewing your Events on the web, you'll see an option to expand a calendar view on the right either in a Space or in the Global Events feature.


Click on the "Expand" icon to see a full page view of the calendar.

Once you expand the calendar, it will showcase a full month on each page. Navigate left or right to view upcoming months or past months.

How Events Appear in the Calendar View

If you have the Event Global Feature enabled, then all of the Events that you or your member has access to, will appear in chronological order (including events from the Single Event feature).

In the Event feature in a Space, you will see only the Events happening in that Space.

Your members will only see Events happening within a Space if they are a member of that Space.


Choose Which Events to Display

Use the gear icon in the upper right corner of the full-page calendar view to select if you want to see Show All Events or Show My Events Only.

To view the full details of an Event, just click on the Event from within the calendar view and it will open up a full page view.

Updated January 2023

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