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How Do I Setup Group Coaching on My Mighty Network?
How Do I Setup Group Coaching on My Mighty Network?
Updated over a week ago

Group coaching is a great way to increase problem-solving and build deeper connections between your members all while increasing accountability.

We’ve had many Hosts use this model for their Mighty Networks and it’s easy to set up!

First, you will create a Space and be sure to enable the Events feature by going to the gear icon > scroll down to the "Space Features" heading > click "Events" and toggle on.

You can hold your live coaching sessions either by livestreaming inside of your Space, or using Zoom or other meeting platforms.

From there, decide on your structure for your Group coaching sessions.

One of our Hosts, Eric Tivers from ARC Alumni and Coaching Groups (a paid membership site for adults with ADHD), found success by putting together a 10-week coaching program called ADHD ReWired, with three weekly live video sessions and two weekly accountability breakout groups.

You can read more about his success story in our case study: Meet the social worker who built a five-figure paid membership helping adults with ADHD

Whatever structure you decide, here are some key takeaways!

  1. Don’t be afraid to sell. If people find value in what you offer, get the word out when you’ve got additional courses, groups, or memberships that can help them achieve their goals.

  2. Simplify whenever possible. With Groups, you can make things easy for yourself and your members by giving them a central place to gather.

  3. When in doubt, emphasize community over content. The concepts and knowledge provide a foundation, but people stay for the connections they make to one another sharing stories, experiences, inspiration, and encouragement.

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