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How Can I Give Access to all Spaces in a Collection?
How Can I Give Access to all Spaces in a Collection?
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The easiest way to do this is with a Bundle Plan!

Here's an example: I want the members of my Mighty Network to access the entire Collection of Important Spaces, shown below.

First, you will want to create an Internal Bundle Plan that provides access to all Spaces within the Collection. To create the plan, go to Admin > Plans > Plan List. You will want to be sure that access to the Network is Excluded in the Plan (see below).

Create a Plan with No Payment Gate or, on the payment details section, select the plan to be free. Of course, if you want to charge for access to a Collection, you can also set a one-time or subscription fee for the plan.

Now, all you need to do is send the Plan Share Link to your members to get them access to all the Spaces in the Collection! If you're sharing the plan within your Mighty Network, for example via Chat or an Article, make sure to use the Plan Landing Page link.

You can also hide the Collection so that only the people you share the link with will be able to see them.

If you choose to keep the Collection visible, you can share a direct link to a Collection by hovering over it on the left navigation and selecting the three-dot menu > Share.

The link will land members at the view of all the Spaces in the Collection.

If you added all the Spaces in the Collection to a Visible Plan, members only need to click on Space > Access, to pay or gain free access to the whole Collection.

Displaying Plans on the Collections Page for Prospective Members

To enable prospective members to view the Plans available for purchase within a Collection, you can activate the 'Plans Carousel' feature.

This ensures that all available plans are displayed on the Collections page.

To enable this, go to the three dot menu next to the Collection > Manage Collection

And select Plans Carousel:

This will show the available Plans for that Collection:

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