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How Do I Create a Space?
Updated over a week ago

You can create a Space that's a course, group, resource library, just a chat Space, an event, or customize your own! We also provide you with templates to get started and from there you can edit the individual features inside of each Space. Every plan has unlimited Spaces!

You can create a new Space in a few ways.

Select the “Create a Space” icon at the bottom of the left-hand navigation.

Go to a Collection you would like to add the Space to and select the three-dot menu > Create a Space.

A third way is to click on your profile picture dropdown menu > Admin > Navigation and Space List > Create Space.

Any of those selections will take you to a page for you to Choose a Space Template.

To learn about what templates are available, check out "What Kinds of Space Templates are Available?"

Select the type of Space you would like to create and give it a name.

All new Spaces will be Secret until you’re ready to add a privacy setting to them or charge for access.

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