Can I use GIFs and Emojis in a Mighty Network?

You totally can! 

You can add GIFs and emojis to comments or in private, group or Space chats. You can also put them in Articles and Quick Posts too, if your Host has empowered you to make those. 

The path is the same: click the GIF button at the bottom-left of the module, search for the GIF you'd like to send, and send.

Here’s how to add a GIF to a Chat message:


And for emojis, simply select the “Insert Emoji” icon and choose your favorite 🤣😀🙌


Gifs and emojis are fun—give them a try. 

All GIFs on our platform have a G/PG rating.

P.S. We’re team “hard G” in gif over here at Mighty!

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