How Much Storage Do I Get in My Mighty Network?

How much storage is available by default for each Plan on Mighty Networks?

The Community Plan has 250 GB, the Courses Plan has 1TB, the Business Plan has 2TB, the Path-to-Pro Plan has 3TB and for Mighty Pro, please contact our team for further information. The Free Plan has 10GB of storage. If you find you need more storage, you can select a higher Boost Plan (Network Settings > Your Plan > Storage and Usage).

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What usage counts towards my storage limit?

Uploaded videos in Articles and Quick Posts, Livestream recordings, photos, and files. Native videos uploaded in Course Overview, Sections or Lessons will not count towards your storage.

How will I know if I’m getting close to my storage limit?

You’ll receive Network notifications as you approach and exceed your limit, and you’ll also be able to check your usage at any time by visiting Network Settings > Your Plan > Storage and Usage.

How much Livestreaming time is available for each Plan type on Mighty Networks?

The Community Plan has 5 hours per Month (with up to 50 simultaneous attendees), The Courses Plan has 20 Hours per Month (with up to 200 simultaneous attendees) and The Business Plan has 30 Hours per Month (with up to 500 simultaneous attendees). If you find you need more streaming time, you can select a higher Boost Plan.

What is the maximum length per Livestream?

Each Livestream can last a maximum of two hours.

Do Livestream hours rollover if unused?

No, they do not. The hours will reset at the beginning of each billing month. The exact day aligns with the day you signed up. If you need more Livestream hours, you can purchase a higher Boost plan.

Do non-recorded Livestreams count towards storage being used?

No, they do not.

What if I need more storage and Livestreaming time?

​​Engagement Boosts are packages that you can add to any plan that will get you more livestreaming hours per month, viewers, and total storage. You can add an Engagement Boost to your Network by visiting Network Settings > Your Plan > Storage and Usage.

Are Engagement Boosts refundable?

Engagement Boosts are not refundable. If a Mighty Network is canceled you will maintain access to the Boost plan features for the remainder of the billing cycle.

If I downgrade from a higher Boost Plan to a lower one, will I receive a prorated refund?

Yes, if you downgrade to a lower Boost plan, you will receive a prorated refund of the difference in price between the higher Boost Plan amount and the lower Boost Plan amount. 


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Updated February 2024

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