FAQs About Selling in Multiple Currencies on Mighty Networks

Which currencies can I sell in?

You can pick up to 10 currencies to support from among the list of more than 135 Presentment currencies Stripe supports. Every Plan must have a price in the new currencies you choose to sell in. For example, you can’t choose to present some Plans in GBP alone and others in Euros alone.

Will prices automatically update as currency exchange rates fluctuate?

No, they will not. You will need to create new Plans with new prices in each currency if you want to make adjustments.

If I’ve already sold Plans in USD do I have to continue presenting Plans in USD?

Yes, but if you don’t want new buyers to purchase in USD, you can hide it and it will only be visible to members who have previously purchased subscriptions in USD.

Will members still see other currency options after purchasing a subscription?

Once a member has made a subscription purchase, they won’t see the currency drop-down selector going forward, and will only see prices in the currency they previously purchased in.

If a member has made a one-time purchase, they will be able to make future purchases in a different currency.

How will currency conversion work with iOS purchases?

Apple will handle all currency conversion for Plans purchased on iOS.

Can I pick the default currency for my Mighty Network?

You will have the option to pick a default currency, which is the currency we will present your Plans in if we can’t determine the location of a landing page for your visitor. Or if you do not support Plans in a visitor’s local currency, we will show your default currency.

We try to determine where visitors are based and present that currency on the landing page, but ultimately the visitor gets to pick which currency to use from among the currencies you support (as long as they haven’t made a  prior subscription purchase for you Mighty Network).

If you have already sold Plans in your Mighty Network then your default currency is already set to USD but it can be changed.

What determines the currencies I can sell in? 

The country where your Stripe account is based determines which currencies you’re able to present Plans in.

What determines which currencies I can accept payouts for? 

The country where your Stripe account is based determines which currencies you can accept payouts for in a bank account.

Can I delete a currency I’ve added?

You can delete a currency as long as no one has made subscription purchases in that currency. If you no longer want to present a currency for sale, you can hide it and it will only be visible to members who have previously purchased a subscription in that currency.

Can existing members change the currency they are paying in?

Members who have purchased a subscription must continue paying in the currency of their initial purchase. Once a member makes a subscription purchase, they must continue using that currency going forward. Members who have only made one-time purchases can purchase in any visible currency. This is a Stripe restriction.

The only workaround is to remove the member, delete the customer in Stripe, then ask them to sign up again. Alternatively, you could remove the member and ask them to sign up with another email address, however, that would mean their new account would not be connected with their previous one.

What if I only want to support a currency for certain members?

If you have a currency that you no longer want to offer Plans in, you can hide it and it will be hidden for everyone. However, any member who has purchased a subscription in that currency must continue to make future payments and purchases in that currency so it will still be visible to them.

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