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Can I Charge in Currencies Other Than $USD on Mighty Networks?
Can I Charge in Currencies Other Than $USD on Mighty Networks?
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In your Mighty Network, you can sell Plans in up to 10 different currencies.

The country where your Stripe account is based determines which of the currencies you can present Plans for sale in and set up a bank account for receiving payouts in, from those Stripe supports. If you haven’t yet connected your Mighty Network to a Stripe account, you can read more about the process here.

Sell Existing Plans in New Currencies

If you have existing paid Plans and you want to support additional currencies in your Mighty Network, you will first need to add each new currency, one at a time. Keep in mind that every paid Plan in your Network, which exists now or which you create in the future, must have a price in the new currency. Free Plans are not affected.

Click on your profile picture in the top right corner > Admin > Plans > Currencies.

Click the “+” icon, then choose the currency you want to add from the drop-down menu.

Next, you must set prices in the new currency for every existing Plan. Every Plan in your Network must have a price in your new currency. For example, you can’t choose to present some Plans in GBP alone and others in Euros alone.

You can Manually add each price, or Autofill and Review all prices using today’s current exchange rates, as calculated by Stripe.

Next, you will see this screen to finish add the new currency.


After you check those boxes, the currency will be added. It will be Hidden until you make it Visible, meaning it will not be available for purchase yet. To make a new currency Visible, click the three dot menu next to the currency and click “Make Currency Visible.” This menu is also where you can change your Mighty Network default currency.

You cannot edit prices for a currency after you’ve finished adding it. However, if no one has made a purchase in that currency yet, you can delete it by clicking the three dot menu and then “Delete Currency”. Then add the new currency again and set your prices again.

Once you set prices in the new currency, those prices will not automatically update as currencies exchange rates fluctuate. If you want to change a price in any currency for any Plan, you will need to create a new Plan with new prices in each currency.

Create New Plans to Sell in Multiple Currencies

If you have never sold Plans in your Mighty Network, and you want to start selling plans in multiple currencies, you will need to create your first plan, which requires connecting a Stripe account.

To start, click on your profile picture in the top right corner > Admin > Plans > Plan List to create a new Plan. Check out this article for more details on creating a Plan.

After you’ve finished setting up the Plan, you can add more currencies by following the steps above for How to Sell Existing Plans in Multiple Currencies.

If you have previously sold Plans in your Network and want to create a new Plan to sell in a new currency, first create the Plan and price it in your existing currencies. Then, add the new currency, and when you set prices for all your existing Plans in the new currency, that new Plan will be among them.

Keep in mind that once you’ve added a currency, every time you create a new Plan, you will need to manually set a price for each currency you support. The Autofill tool is only available when adding a currency, not when creating new Plans.

To set prices in multiple currencies for a new Plan:


What Your Members Will See

Here’s how this feature looks for External Plans:

If you offer External Plans, on your landing page, people will see a drop-down selector in the upper right corner that shows the currencies you support:


The currency that appears by default will be the one that most closely matches where a visitor to your landing page is located. For example, if a landing page visitor is in the UK, and you’ve chosen to support GBP, we will present the Plan in GBP.

If we can’t identify where a visitor is based, or if their country’s currency is one you don’t support, we will present your Mighty Network’s default currency, which you can select. Check out How to Change Your Default Currency for more information on changing your default currency in Mighty Networks.

If a visitor wants to purchase in a different currency than the one that’s first presented, they can select another currency.

If you offer Internal Plans, on your Spaces Plan pages, people will see a drop-down selector in the upper right corner that shows the currencies you support.

Important note: Once someone makes a subscription purchase for your Mighty Network, they must make all future purchases in the currency they used to purchase the subscription (this does not apply to one-time purchases). In these cases, we only show the currency they previously used to make a purchase and they won’t see an option to choose a different currency. This is a Stripe requirement.

If a member has only made a one-time purchase, they can make future purchases in a different currency.

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