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Welcome! We’re excited that you’ve chosen to explore Mighty Networks. Here are the most popular ways to use a Mighty Network today:

  1. To move an existing community
  2. To bring together your online courses and community in one place
  3. To launch a dynamic website built around a community
  4. To launch your own brand on every platform 

The best way to see if a Mighty Network is right for you is to watch this quick video tour:

What makes a Mighty Network different?

A Mighty Network is the only software available that offers a beautiful, rich community platform where you can also pull in your own online courses, Spaces and sales funnel—all under your brand, available across every device including iOS, Android, and web.

This means that if you’ve got a static website on one platform, online courses on another, a community on a third, your sales funnel on a fourth, and payments on a fifth, you can now replace one or more of these pieces with a single Mighty Network. 

But a Mighty Network isn’t just for someone with an existing online business. 

Choosing a Mighty Network when you are just starting out means you’ll never need another platform to expand and grow. Plus:

What’s included in a community on a Mighty Network?

A Mighty Network includes all the online community features you’d expect: content and a dynamic  feed; member profiles; conversations and comments; sharing to social media; articles; polls, questions, and posts; events; direct messaging between members; and more. 

Plus, a Mighty Network also includes new, innovative community features that speed up the time it takes for your members to meet and build relationships not just with you but with each other:

  • An icebreaker question surfaced to every new member
  • Members near you via current location
  • Members like you via member categories
  • Members online now
  • Members in the same Spaces

If you haven't created a Mighty Network yet, go here to start a free trial.

Updated June 2022

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