Does Mighty Networks Integrate with Google Analytics?

Yes! The option to integrate Google Analytics web tracking to your Mighty Network is available for Hosts on the Courses Plan and above.

Google Analytics captures aggregate data about your Network's visitors and is a fantastic supplement to Mighty Insights™.

What Can I Track About My Mighty Network Using Google Analytics?

  • The number of new people who click on your External Landing Page link.
  • The number of new people who click on your External Landing Page link from a particular source.
    Note: To track URL clicks from a particular source, i.e. Landing Page visits from Instagram, set up a dedicated Google Analytics campaign.
  • Aggregate data based on web visits (i.e. visitor location, time spent on your site, or even time spent on a page in your Network).

How Do I Integrate Google Analytics and My Mighty Network?

To integrate Google Analytics and your Mighty Network, you'll first want to create your new Google Analytics 4 ID by following the steps in this article. Make sure to choose only web and not mobile platforms.

To find your new GI, select the GA4 Property > Admin > Setup Assistant > Data Collection > Manage Data Streams:

Then copy the Measurement ID:

Add the new Measurement ID to your Mighty Network by going to Network Settings > Integrations > Google Analytics > Manage. Paste the ID into the field that says “Web Measurement ID”:

Once you've added your tracking ID, it usually takes at least 24 hours to start seeing activity from your Mighty Network recorded in your Google Analytics account.

For a full tutorial on how to set up Google Analytics 4, check out this video:

Note: Google ended support for Legacy Universal Analytics properties on 7/1/23.

Updated February 2024

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