How Do I Take a Quiz or Course in My Mighty Network?

How To Take a Quiz

If your Host has set up Quizzes in your Mighty Network, you can take them either on web or mobile. To start a Course, select “Start".

All Quizzes are single answer and multiple choice.

At the end of the Quiz, you will see your score and the option to retake the Quiz. You may or may not see the correct response when you submit your answers, depending on how your Host has set up the Quiz.

Your Host may have a passing score enabled, requiring you to get a certain percentage of the answers right in order to move on to the next item. 

Each Quiz may be different, so if you have any questions feel free to reach out to your Host directly!

Some things to note:

  • You can leave a Quiz and come back, your responses will be automatically saved
  • You can easily see how far along you are in the Quiz
  • You can go back and change your answers up until the point of submitting
  • You cannot skip ahead, and must take the Quiz questions in order but you can go back and change previous responses before you submit.
  • You can retake the Quiz immediately, or at any time after your initial experience. 
  • If your Host edits a Quiz while you are taking it, you will be prompted to retake the Quiz once the edits have been made. 

How to Take a Course

If your Host has a Course set up in your Mighty Network, you can take it either on web or mobile. Clicking into the Course, you will see a combination of Sections and Lessons. 

Expand all member.png

To start a Course, select "Get Started". This will take you through each of the Lessons chronologically. If your Host has certain completion features enabled, then you may see at the end of a Lesson, "Mark as Complete" or you may not be able to move on to the next Lesson after a certain number of days or you may need to watch a video in order to move onto the next Lesson. 

If you would like your Sections to be either all collapsed or all expanded, you can make that selection in the upper right corner. If your Course only has Lessons and no Sections, then you will not see this option.

If your Host has toggled on the ability for you to reset your Course progress, then you will be able to select the three dot menu in the “Next Up” card and choose “Reset Progress”. This feature is on web and mobile.

Reset TOC2.png

A modal will pop up asking you if you want to reset your progress. As a note, you will lose your current Course Material progress and Quiz attempts. Previously locked content may become locked again.

Reset TOC 3.png

Updated September 2023

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