How Do I Set Up the Welcome Checklist?

The Welcome Checklist is a customizable way for you to introduce new members to your community and is at the Network level, not per Space.

It allows you to easily curate content and features for your members to explore. It will be visible to all members by default, and will come with a number of options for you to edit as desired.

Set Up Your Welcome Checklist

The Welcome Checklist exists in the right panel regardless of what Space or Global Feature you are in. It can be managed by going to Network Settings > Premium Features > Welcome Checklist.


You can also turn off the feature here as well. There is currently no Welcome Checklist per Space but that is the direction we’d like to take this feature. In the meantime Hosts can still use the Welcome Section that’s available when the Space Feed is enabled.

As a Host you will be able to customize your Welcome Checklist with your own Articles, Posts, Spaces, Events, or Polls, as well as Mighty Suggestions. The option to preview the Welcome Checklist is web-only and there is a limit of 25 checklist items you can add to it.

You will be able to move the content around by selecting the three-line menu next to each article and changing the order.

The Welcome Checklist includes the following Mighty Suggestions (bolded are defaults).:

  • Fill Out Your Profile

  • Adjust Your Notifications

  • Download the App

  • Cheer Something

  • Add a Comment

  • Start a Chat

  • Invite Someone to the Network

  • Follow a Member in the Network

  • RSVP to an Event

  • Introduce Yourself

We suggest you write a Welcome Article for your Mighty Network. For inspiration, you can check out the one we created for Mighty Community!

You can now create custom actions you want members to take in a Space and select the Space where they want the member to take the action from a dropdown list (Secret Spaces will not appear). When the member clicks on the checklist item they will land in the Space.

If a member clicks on an item in the Checklist that links to a Space they are not a member of, they will be prompted to join that Space.

When a member completes the Welcome Checklist you'll be able to see data pertaining to this information in the Member Download list

Set Up a Welcome Section for a Space

On our Community Plan and up, you will be able to add a Welcome Section in Spaces.

The Welcome and Featured Sections are designed to function as the "Pinned Post" of your Mighty Network. You can add one or more Articles, Quick Posts, Polls, Questions, Events to both your Welcome and Featured Sections

Pin and Unpin Posts to the Welcome Section

To add a post to your Welcome Section or Welcome Checklist, navigate directly to the post you want to feature when you're on the web. Click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and follow the prompt that says "Add This To..."

From here, you'll see the option to add the post to either your Welcome Section or your Featured Section. To remove a pinned post from your Welcome Section, tap on the option to "Unpin" the post or uncheck the box.


Posts can be pinned from a web browser only at this time. They cannot be pinned from the mobile app.

Reorder Posts in Your Welcome Section in a Space

When you add a post to your Welcome Section, it will show up by default at the front of the Welcome Section. To rearrange the order, click on the gear icon to get to the Space Settings > Space Organization > Welcome Section. From there, you will be able to drag and reorder the posts.   

The Welcome Section is a great feature for getting important information to your new members joining a Space. We look forward to seeing what you do with yours!


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