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How Does Commenting Work in a Mighty Network?
Updated over a week ago

You and your members can comment and reply to each other’s comments on any Quick Post, Page, Article, Event, or Lesson inside of a Table of Contents feature.

There isn't a way to turn off or disable comments on an Article, Quick Post or Event but you can turn them off on Lessons inside of the Table of Contents.

If you are on the Business Plan or higher, you can turn off comments on the Page feature.

To comment, simply click into the box next to your name which says “Share Your Thoughts”


In a comment, you can have the ability to add a photo, file, GIF, emoji or hashtag.


To access further formatting options, write out some text and highlight it to either bold, italicize or hyperlink any words or sentences.


To tag or @mention another member in a post or comment, simply type in the "@" symbol and then start typing in someone's name.

Once you've tagged a member in a published post or comment, they’ll get notified in the app, on the web and if they have email notifications set up. Their name will also link directly to their profile in your network.


You can also reply in line with another person’s comment by selecting the “Reply” button underneath theirs. The comment will automatically tag the other person.


Finally, you have the ability to Cheer (❤️) any comment, Quick Post, Article or Event. We encourage you to ❤️away!

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