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What is an Ideal Member?
Updated over a week ago

Your Ideal Member is the person who needs your community the most right now. And knowing and loving them is the secret to viral community growth!

If people are too busy for your community, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's wrong. It either means you don't have the right Ideal Member or your Big Purpose and messaging isn't clear and specific enough to attract them.

By identifying people you already know (and people you can reach through mutual contacts) who fit the profile of your Ideal Member, you can learn much more quickly what those folks want in their results and transformation and how your community can quickly help them get there.

The better you understand those needs and the mindset of Your Ideal Member, the more easily you can design messaging and activities that align with what they’re looking for.

Presto—a community that is growing with members who are ready to jump in and get involved!

Sound interesting? We cover this topic, and much more, in-depth in Community Design™ and you can also dig into our free resources!

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