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Mighty Co-Host™ and AI FAQs
Updated this week

What is this “From the Mighty Team” Space that I’m seeing in my Mighty Network?

This Secret Space is only visible to you as a Network Host of your Mighty Network.

Today it’s there to introduce you and your fellow Hosts to the new Mighty Co-Host™, the first AI community builder powered by Community Design™ and GPT-4.

It’s also there to serve as the spot for additional updates we think you may find helpful in the future.

With Mighty Co-Host™, you’ll be able to automate mundane tasks and ongoing community management. Why? So you can do more of what you love, while your members build stronger, more valuable relationships with each other faster.

You can hide the Mighty Co-Host™ Space from view, and we’ll pop it back up whenever there are new announcements of features or programs we think may be of interest.

How do I turn off the Mighty Co-Host™ Space?

You can hide the Mighty Co-Host™ Space by selecting the three dot menu next to its name in the navigation area, then clicking “Hide.”


The Space will reappear when new updates are available, but you can hide it again at any time.

One of the AI features gave some strange results, how do I report it?

We’re on the case. Things are still early, so sharing what happened or what you or your member saw is super helpful.

Please reach out in Host Help (the lower right corner of your Mighty Network on web) with the details, or send us an email at

Can I only use certain AI features, or do I have to have them all turned on?

Absolutely. You can toggle each feature on or off by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner > Admin > Mighty Co-Host™ AI panel.

Do I have to update my Big Purpose?

A Big Purpose is the fastest way to attract members who are the most motivated to join and contribute. You don’t have to have one, but it opens up a world of new possibilities and faster success.

Our data inside Mighty is pretty clear—if there is ONE thing that will serve your community, courses, and memberships the most, it’s having a Big Purpose.

With Mighty Co-Host™, we can help you craft yours to be as exciting and accurate to the most members as possible.

If I change the Default Invite Text in my General Settings, will I have to update it every time I want to send a new invite?

You won't have to! Now, you can update the invite text once by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner > Admin > Privacy & Access > Default Invite Copy and it will save for all your future invites.


How does this AI integration work?

When an AI-powered feature is used, our GPT-4 integration sends the selected information (for that single interaction) through OpenAI’s APIs, we run the result through our Community Design™ framework, and then we output the results back to the Host or member.

Nothing you or your members contribute is used to improve or train ChatGPT’s AI models.

Are you feeding my Mighty Network’s information to ChatGPT?

No. Our GPT-4 integration pulls in its functionality from OpenAI’s APIs, then we run it through Community Design™.

We do not share any of these results—or anything in your Mighty Network—with OpenAI.

You can be confident that your community activity and content is NOT being used to improve or train ChatGPT’s AI models.

What AI features do I get?

Everyone gets the Mighty Co-Host™ Space for updates and the ability to use the AI branding features, Big Purpose generator, and more!

Community Plan Networks have access to:

  • Make It Better

  • Profile Assist

  • Suggested Hashtags

  • Icebreaker Suggestions

Courses Plan and up have access to all nine AI features:

  • Instant Course Outline

  • Make It Better

  • Profile Assist

  • Show Similarities

  • Start a Conversation

  • Suggested Hashtags

  • Icebreaker Suggestions

  • Application Assist

Business Plan and up has access to:

If you would like to upgrade your plan, you can click on your profile picture in the top right corner > Billing Plans to take advantage of all of the new features.

Will you be releasing more AI features?

Yes, we're just getting started!

Can I chat with Mighty Co-Host™?

You can send a message to Co-Host™, but it doesn't know how to respond quite yet! You will see this message from it. The Mighty Co-Host™ Space is visible to all Network Hosts, so anything you type in a chat message will be seen by all Network Hosts.

Any questions?

Reach out to our team in Host Help, the “Need Help” button in the lower right corner of your Mighty Network on web.

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