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What is the Mighty Checklist?
Updated over a week ago

As soon as you create your own Mighty Network, you will have access to a simple and extremely effective step-by-step guide that we call the Mighty Checklist. To find your Mighty Checklist go to Admin > Setup > Get Started

This is much more than a tutorial. It offers our most successful ideas, questions, and scripts that you can literally copy and paste into your own community for ease and speed!

In Mighty Community, we've been sharing our Community Design™ philosophy via Free Livestreams and Guides that give you the "cheat codes" to successfully design a thriving community, Space, or membership.

The Mighty Checklist also takes you directly to the places in your Mighty Network where you can implement all of the new ideas that come from those Guides and resources.

But remember, this isn't a rigid list that you need to finish before you launch and grow your Mighty Network. Rather, it's meant to be a source of inspiration and guidance as you move through all the stages of Mighty Intro and Launch Prep—so dip in and out of it for a fresh burst of momentum!

Navigating the Mighty Checklist

Click on each checklist item to expand the view and see specific guides, tutorials, and templates available to you as you're setting up each feature.

Here's an example of what you'll see for Get the Guide:

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