How Do I RSVP and Attend Events in a Mighty Network?

It’s so easy! Navigate to the Event and select either Going, Maybe or Not Going. 


If you RSVP that you are Going, you will see the option to Change Your RSVP or See All RSVPs. 

Be sure to add the Event to your calendar by selecting “Add to Calendar” 

You will receive a reminder for your Event 30 minutes before the Event begins either via email notification, push notification or both depending on how you have set up your notification preferences

Attending Your Event 

All you need to do to attend your Event is to log into your profile and visit the Events tab in the left hand navigation and select the Event. 

It will show the indicator that “We’re Live!” and will show you how to join the Event. Below is an example of what a Zoom Event will look like when it’s live.


If the Event is a livestream happening with the community, you’ll see it without going to the Events tab, right at the top of the Activity Feed. 

To get a calendar view of all your Events, you'll see the option (on web) to expand a calendar view on the right.

Click on the "Expand" icon to see a full page view of the calendar.

Once you expand the calendar, it will showcase a full month on each page. Navigate left or right to view upcoming months or past months.


Within the calendar view that's available for Events inside your Mighty Network, there's an option to automatically sync Events to your personal Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or Apple Calendar. You can choose to sync only Events you've RSVP'd to, or you can sync all Events.

You can also choose to only sync Events for a particular Space you are part of.

Global Event Feature

If your Host has it enabled, you will see a Global Event feature in the upper left corner of your Mighty Network. This will aggregate all the Events that you have access to in your Spaces and any Public Events as well.



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