Spaces FAQs

What can be in a Space? 

With Spaces, you have flexibility in how you delivery content, courses, commerce, and community on your Network. 

Every Network is organized with Spaces—they are flexible, no code containers and live in the left-hand navigation. 

Now, here's where it gets really interesting. On other platforms you're limited in what you can bring together. Not on Mighty! 

In each Space you can have different native features. No integrations required. So if you'd like to have a Chat, and a Feed, and Events—easy. 

You can rename and reorganize the left-hand navigation and each Space and the tabs within the Space. So if you want to call your Chat tab in a Space "Connect" or "Say Hi" or "Чат" or "Dinos ¡Hola!"'s totally up to you! 

You can control access to each Space. They can be public, private, paid, or even token-gated (natively—no bots required!). 

Each Space can have up to 8 features. You can mix and match them but you can’t have duplicates (e.g. you can’t have two chats in one Space). 

  • A chat
  • A feed
  • An event series
  • A member list
  • A discovery tab for featured content
  • A table of contents (to create courses)*
  • A page*
  • A single event**

* These features are only available on the Courses Plan and up.

** This feature is only available on the Business Plan and up.

Spaces also have an "About" section.

How do I keep it all organized?

In the left-hand navigation, every Space lives in a Collection.

For example, you could have a Collection called “Start Here” and in it add a simple Page Space that outlines how you want members to contribute to the culture of your community and a Space that has a Chat tab called “Say Hi!” and a members list.

Or you could have a Collection called “Premium Programs” where you put all of the Spaces you’re charging for. 

You can easily move Spaces between Collections. You cannot have the same Space in two Collections. 

Right now, you can’t have a Space without a Collection—but that will be coming in a future update.  

Can I group Spaces of different types under one Collection? 

Yes! You are able to group any number of Spaces together in a Collection

Can I duplicate a Space?

Yes, you are able to duplicate any Space in your Mighty Network which will include the features as well as posts for the Space. To learn more check out this article here!

Is there a limit to how many Spaces I can have in a Collection?

There's no limit to how many Spaces you can have in a Collection!

Can I change the order of the features along the top navigation within a Space?

Yes! You will are able to rename and reorder each of the features you choose to enable with a Space.

What are Global Features?

Global Features are available to all members no matter what Space they are a member of. They curate content and information from across all Spaces.

The Global Features are:

  • Feed: The Feed Global Feature aggregates content from all Spaces that you have access to into one Feed. You can post directly from the Global Feed after first selecting a Space. You will be able to interact (i.e., cheer and comment, answer polls, etc.) with the content in the Feed. 
  • Discovery: You can use this to feature any number of posts, Events, and Spaces so that you can customize exactly what your members see when they open up the Discovery page on the web or in the Mighty Networks app.
  • Members: This will show a list of all members in your Mighty Network, regardless of which Space they are members of.
  • Events: This aggregates Events across all your Spaces. Each member will see the Events that are happening inside of each Space they are a member of. 

Can I turn off, rename, and reorder Global Features?

Yes you can turn off, rename and reorder any of the Global Features

Can I tag a post with multiple hashtags?

Yes! With hashtags you can tag a piece of content or an event with multiple hashtags and search and filter easily to view posts and content shared tagged with a particular hashtag. To learn more about hashtags, check out the article "How Do Hashtags Work in My Mighty Network?"

Can I make it so that only Hosts and Moderators can create hashtags?

Anyone who is a part of your Mighty Network will be able to create hashtags when they are posting and sharing content, but as a Host you'll have the option to delete hashtags from posts where you don't want them used (including posts created by members)

Can I have Spaces within Spaces?

You can't have Spaces within Spaces. However, hashtags enable you to further segment and organize content within a Space—and tag the content posted within a Space with more than one hashtag!

What is the Welcome Checklist?

The Welcome Checklist is global and available to everyone across your Network, and you can have a Welcome Section within each Space. 

Are my members auto-joined into certain Spaces when they first show up and join my community?

Yes, you have the option to designate any public Space as auto join. The auto join feature will join your current members and any following members to that Space when they first become members.

Can a piece of content or an event live in multiple Spaces?

A post or an Event can live in only one Space at any given time.

Can I move content from one Space to another?

Yep! In fact, it's super easy to move content from one Space to another Space and not lose interactions such as comments or cheers. 

Are Plans be able to include Spaces from multiple Collections?

Yes! Plans enable you to charge for access to your entire Mighty Network or any combination of Spaces within your Network. You are be able to charge for access to a bundle of Spaces regardless of which Collection(s) they belong to.

While you can’t create a Plan for a Collection, you can create a Bundle Plan for all the Spaces in a Collection. 

How do notifications work?

By default new members will receive a Daily Digest rounding up all of their relevant notifications across your Mighty Network, and members can choose which Spaces they want to receive notifications for. There is a global list of settings each member can customize depending on the type of notifications they want to receive and whether they want to receive notifications via email or directly through your Mighty Pro mobile apps. Here's a quick primer on how our notifications work!

What are the privacy options for Spaces?

You can decide if your Space is Public, Private, Paid, or Secret. Right now we are planning for privacy to be set at the Space level, not the Collection level. But this is something we will look into offering!


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