What is Cultural Software? And What is Spaces?

We've built out a fresh new way of creating and navigating a Mighty Network, called Spaces, and have noticed some incredible shifts in you, our Hosts, and the world at large.

We realized what we were building was not just a community platform, but cultural software. Or, to put it another way—you're not just building communities, you're building your own unique and compelling cultures.

Cultural software brings four things together

These things work together to help you translate your purpose into impact on your members–and the wider world. 

Content serves to inspire and influence people. It's how we introduce new ideas and frameworks. In social media, there's lots of content—but on its own, it doesn't lead anywhere. 

Courses help to close the loop on content. They serve to educate and help people apply what they’re learning. 

Commerce is there to help people focus and prioritize—because we’ve seen time and time again that people pay attention to what they pay for. 

Community brings it all together—it combines the above into an ongoing system where ideas become real. It's where people form relationships and daily practices that get reinforced, ultimately causing members to become Ambassadors and draw more people into the culture.

What is Spaces?

With that context, Spaces is the way a Network on Mighty is structured and designed to seamlessly bring all of the components of cultural software together. It rolled out to all Networks on Mighty on December 8th, 2022. 

It starts with a Network that's designed to feel familiar. Within that Network you have Spaces—flexible, no code containers. They live in the left-hand navigation. 

Now, here's where it gets really interesting. On other platforms you're limited in what you can bring together. Not with cultural software!

In each Space you can have different native features. No integrations required. So if you'd like to have a Chat, and a Feed, and Events—easy. 

You can rename and reorganize the left-hand navigation and each Space and the tabs within the Space. So if you want to call your Chat tab in a Space "Connect" or "Say Hi" or "Чат" or "Dinos ¡Hola!" ....it's totally up to you! 

You can control access to each Space. They can be public, private, paid, or even token-gated (natively—no bots required!). 

Spaces also includes other updates, like dark mode—the ability for your members to change how they experience your Network. 

It also includes some new features you can add to a tab in a Space, like the ability to add a single Page with rich formatting, content, links, video, etc. 

And the ability to showcase a single Event!


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