My Host is Going Live—Where Do I Watch Them?

Your Hosts can go live right in their Mighty Network! Whenever they do, a realtime preview of the stream will be visible at the top of your Mighty Network’s main Activity Feed (that’s Home on the left-hand navigation bar). 

To join the livestream, click anywhere on the preview and it’ll open up full screen with sound. On the right-hand side, you can chat with fellow members and see a full list of who’s currently watching.

If your Host goes live, you’ll receive a notification if your Host chooses to notify all members, or based on your notification settings. This is on by default.

If your Host is going live for the members of a specific course, mastermind, group, etc and you’re one of them, you’ll still always find the livestream above that main Activity Feed. No need to click into any other space to find it!
Your Host can decide to record the livestream, so if you miss it they may post a replay for you to enjoy later.

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