How Do I Set Up My Member Profile?

Setting up your member profile is a great first step after joining a community that’s build on Mighty Networks. Your profile provides an easy, awesome way to build relationships by sharing your interests, timezone/location, badges, profession, and more. 

It’s also a simple way for you to go back to all your activity—you can see where you’ve posted, commented, cheered. So as your activity grows, your profile is a living record of your time there!

Here’s how to get it all set up and looking great. 


What You Can Add to Your Profile

To edit your profile, navigate to the upper right corner, next to the bell and chat icons. Click to edit Your Profile. 

In your profile, you can add:

  • A profile photo (this has a minimum size of 500 x 500 pixels and will be cropped into a circle). You’ll have a default abstract image here until you add a photo. 
  • A cover photo. This will appear as a horizontal banner on desktop and cropped to be a vertical background on mobile—so an image that’s not too busy and can be cut off works best. 
  • A short bio that is fully searchable
  • Your location (if desired)
  • Your timezone
  • Up to 10 personal links
  • An “About Me” introduction (when you fill this out it’ll automatically post in the Global Feed on web so others can comment and welcome you. It won't appear on mobile apps.)

Your Host may also have turned on some other features, like member categories, that you could choose to add to your profile. This might be something like a profession or an interest, and you’d choose from a list your Host has pre-established.

To add your personal links, just paste the URLs in. Some things to consider adding:

  • Your social media profiles (we’ll automatically pull in the service’s name and icon)
  • Any YouTube or Vimeo  videos (we’ll pull in the video title)
  • Your personal website
  • Your business website
  • Any blog posts you write
  • Publications you’ve written

Updated April 2023

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