Can I Access the Mighty Networks I'm a part of from an app?

Absolutely! You can download the apps directly from the App Store or Google Play Store by searching for "Mighty Networks." The iOS app is compatible for both iPhone *and* iPad, and the Android app is designed to work perfectly on your favorite Android device.

We encourage you to download and use the free Mighty Networks apps to connect with other members, send messages, and get notifications on the go. 

Download the App Feature

On web, you can go to Download the App in your Personal Settings page. From there, you’ll be able to open the camera on your phone and point it at the QR code. It will open a link for you to download the app for your Mighty Network.



Finding Your Community on the Mighty Networks Apps

Once you download the app, you want to get to your specific community and sign in.

Select the option to "Find a Mighty Network" and search for your community by name. You'll be prompted to sign in. After your first visit, the app will remember you and your Mighty Network until you sign out. 

To join a second Mighty Network, slide open the left navigation and tap "Switch Networks." From there, choose the + button and find another Mighty Network that you want to add to the app.

Finding Your Secret Community on the Mighty Networks Apps

If your Host has set the community’s privacy to “secret” it will not appear in search within our apps when you choose the option to "Find a Mighty Network."

Here's how to get to your secret community:

  1. Once you've downloaded the app following the instructions above, log into your Mighty Network on the web using your phone's browser.

  2. From your mobile browser, you'll see a prompt along the bottom to "View in App."

  3. Tap on that link and log into your community on the mobile app.

It will only be necessary to do this on the first visit

How to Enable Mobile Push Notifications from Your Community

Mobile push notifications are off by default but once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll be prompted to enable them. It’s a great way to stay up to date with fellow members and the activity in your community when you’re on the go and on your phone!


If you’d like to manage your mobile push notifications moving forward, you can do so by tapping your profile picture -> Personal Settings -> Notifications. From there, you can toggle Mobile Push notifications on or off.

If you previously turned off Mobile Push notifications through your mobile device settings, or didn’t allow notifications when prompted, then you may need to visit your device settings to manually allow the Mighty Networks app to send Mobile Push notifications.  

How Your Internet Connection Affects Your Access

Course content and video content is not accessible when offline or in remote areas with no signal. In order to access content, you must be in range to a cellular data signal or connected to Wi-Fi.


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